New Patients

Why a Pediatrician?

Your child is a unique, irreplaceable individual, and keeping this precious person healthy is important to you.  In our nation's multi-faceted health care system today, you have choices about who will be your partner in safeguarding your child's health and watching over his/her growth and development. 

So why should you choose a pediatrician to be your child's health care provider?

Pediatricians are the only medical professionals who complete medical school and then go on to three additional years of training exclusively in the care of infants, children, and adolescents.  No other primary care providers receive nearly that amount of education and experience with pediatric patients of the course of their education.

Children are not "small adults." 

From infancy to adulthood, young people have unique characteristics that affect their healthcare needs--and these change constantly as the children grow.  A pediatrician is well-versed in the particular factors that impact young patients--from the importance of a child's developmental level to the impact that age has on a body's reactions to various medications.

Pediatricians aren't "baby doctors," 

Yes, pediatricians are the primary care physicians with the most in-depth education about infants' health, development, and disease, but we have that same level of expertise about the health of your preschooler, middle-schooler, high-schooler, and college student as well.

Why a pediatrician for your child's healthcare needs? 

Because a pediatrician is the doctor who is educated specifically for and dedicated specifically to caring for your child--from the moment that child enters the world as a newborn until he or she is ready to go out and help shape that world as an adult.