Children tend to be very active people which can lead to quite a few cuts, bumps, and even broken bones. They also tend to catch their share of bugs, and sometimes these can cause serious illnesses.

If your child ever suffers an injury or has an illness that you believe could be life-threatening, call 911 immediately whether it is day or night.

For all other injuries or illnesses which you believe might require immediate care, you might first want to check out the an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics on Emergencies. There are some very good basic guidelines on the need for emergent care. If you are able to wait for a call back, we suggest calling your primary care provider before seeking help at an ER. Many situations can be handled by the on call provider and you can avoid long wait times in an ER. 

During office hours, we can almost always see your child more quickly than the emergency room for an urgent acute illness or injury. We treat a variety of sprains and burns in the office and can even suture many lacerations. We also have the staff and facilities to deal with the vast majority of acute illnesses. If your child does require additional care that cannot be provided in our office, we will then expedite his/her visit to the hospital or appropriate specialist.

After hours, you will reach one of our physicians who can listen to you describe what is occurring with your child, ask appropriate medical questions, and advise you on what action to take. Often, we can even save you an ER visit! If your child does need emergent care, our physicians can call in a referral so that the emergency physicians are more prepared for your child’s visit. If it is safe for you to continue caring for your child at home for the present, our physicians will advise you on when to have your child seen in the office and what new or concerning symptoms should prompt an immediate call back.

Any time you take your child to an Emergency Department or to any Urgent Care facility, we ask that you please tell the staff there that Pediatric Partners of Northern Kentucky is your child’s primary care physician and ask that records of this visit be sent to us. It is also advisable to ask for a copy of your visit summary to take with you and bring to us as Urgent Care facilities often do not send any records. A complete medical record of all care your child receives both in our office and outside it is essential to us in meeting our goal of providing him/her with the highest quality pediatric health care.