Our physicians maintain full admitting and staff privileges at St. Elizabeth Hospital. If you deliver your baby there and identify Pediatric Partners of Northern Kentucky as your pediatricians, our office will be notified, and our physicians will immediately assume responsibility for your child’s medical care. If your child is born at another hospital, the pediatric staff there will manage care until you and baby are discharged. They will then send your child’s medical information to our office, and we will assume care at baby’s first visit here.

    Within a day of your child’s birth in St. Elizabeth, one of our physicians will visit with you in the hospital, obtain medical history information about your pregnancy and delivery, perform an initial physical exam on your newborn, and answer any questions you have. Our physicians will continue to see your child and speak with you daily until you and baby are discharged home. For any questions or concerns about your baby’s health while in St. Elizabeth, the nursing staff there have 24 hour access to our physicians.

    All of our physicians are also staff members at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital although our patients who are sick enough to be hospitalized there are cared for by a hospital team as long as they remain in the hospital. This team consists of a variety of pediatric residents and is led by a pediatric hospitalist who is a pediatrician specializing in the care of hospitalized children.

    Our physicians maintain communication with the hospital team and have access to your child's’ electronic hospital record so that our physicians remain involved in your child’s care and are prepared to manage his/her follow-up care after discharge.