Referral Information

Specialty Referrals

Children can develop a variety of medical conditions which may benefit from the care of a pediatric specialist in a specific field. An important principle of Patient Centered Medical Home care involves coordinating all of the health care providers working with a specific patient. Our role in working with specialists to care for your child includes:

  • helping you know when specialty care is advisable
  • helping you find the right specialist for your child
  • making certain the specialist has all the information about your child needed to best diagnose and treat him/her
  • communicating effectively with the specialist. so that our providers can receive needed information to manage the care of your child’s health and development with the assistance of the specialist for specific issues.

For this relationship between patient, primary care provider and specialist to work most effectively, it is almost always necessary for us to see a patient in our office before referring him/her to a specialist. This allows us to give the specialist the most detailed and up to date information about a child’s health issue as well as information about his/her current physical exam. It also provides us the opportunity to potentially speak to a specialist by phone while the patient is in the office if we feel the health concern is urgent enough to need intervention quickly.  Patients always benefit from positive collaboration between primary care providers and specialists.

Most pediatric specialists in this area are associated with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and that is where the majority of our referrals are sent. There are, however, several outside specialists who see children—particularly in the specialties of ENT, orthopedics, allergy, dermatology, and mental health—and we will always provide parents with options for different specialists when those are available.

Insurance Referrals

Some health insurance plans require a written insurance referral to see a specialist. If you have one of these plans and our physicians have referred your child to a specialist, go ahead and schedule the appointment.   Several days before that appointment, please call our office and we will be happy to oversee the insurance referral for you.  

To get a referral we must have the following information:

  • name of the specific specialist
  • specific office location where your appointment is scheduled
  • reason for speciality visit
  • date of the visit